Environmental energy-saving high-efficiency TianBo variable-frequency submersible pump

    It is reported by TianBo Submersible Plant that in the "China-Denmark Climate Change Summit" jointlt sponsored by Denmark Embassy and National Development and Reform Committee,new McKinsey analysis report indicated,if all the low-efficiency submersible pumps are substiuted by high-efficiency submersible pumps,till 2020,carbon dioxide emission reduction potiential will reduce to 0.135 billlion tons per year.A series of high-efficiency variable-frequency submersible pump researched and manufactured by Tianjin TianBo Pump Corp is of good performance,which is big energy-saving potentials in evironment protection.

    It is suitable for transmission of clean liquid and widely used in food ,pharmaceutical and water manufacturing industry,also used in hot water recycling,heating in room and pressurizing,recycvling of water heaters.
    It features as low noise,no leakage,small size,light weight,long lifespan and good reliability,which stator and rotator of shielding pump motor is shielding sealed by stainless steel jacket.when water enter into motor chamber in operation,it will function as bearing lubruicating and motor cooling,meanwhile,solve the leakage of submersible pump fundamentally,besides,shaft and bearing of shielding pump is made from special material,which is abrasion resistant and rust protection,prolong the lifespan and reduce the noise.


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