Normal malfunction and maintenance of agricultural submersible pump

    Agriculture submersible pump is the main irrigation and drainage machine for potable water in county in sping and summmer.In operation,it is easy to cause malfunction and damage for pumpout,therefore, it is necessary to repair and adjust for submersible pump which can not pumpout.With our many years' experience in manufacturing pump,Tianjin Tianbo help you not worry about the accident of equipment in your busy farming time.solve the malfuction problem of submersible pump safely and smoothly.

    Can not start up,Firstly check the supply of power,joining of fitting is firm or not;contact of switch is tight or not;fuse is blown or not; three phase power supply is equal or not;find out the reason and repair timely in case of open circuit,poor contact,blown fuse,lacking phase.Secondly,check whether it is mechanical problem of submersible pump itself.Common cause include tight packing, stuck and jammed by sundry between impeller and submersible pump body,rust of pump shaft,bearing and reducing ring,serious bent of pump shaf.Trouble-shooting method:loosenn the packing,dredge the fluming,dismantle the submersible pump and clean up the sundries,de-rust,detach the submersible pump shaft and adjust or change the new bump shaft.

    overheating of matching power motor 

    there are 4 reasons,firstly,it is power,high or low voltage,in the case of special load, voltage ranges is 10% higher than rating or 5% lower than rating,it will cause overheating of motor,,three phase voltage of power supply is asymmetric,phase unbalance of three phase voltage is no more than 5%,which will cause winding overheat,lacking-phase operation,experience indicates 85% reason of burnt down on the agricultural motor is due to lacking-phase operation,protection devive should be installed on the motor.secondly,it is reason of submersible pump,selected power can not match, motor run long time in overload,which make motor temperature too high,start up frequently set the motor work consistently which ration is shorttime or intermittent duty,startup number should be limited,select thermal protection the correctly,use it according to ration indicated on the motor,thirdly,it is the reason of motor itself,connection error,which make form ¡÷ connect in form Y and make motor temperature rise up quickly,there is interphase short circuit,interturn short cuit,local ground in stator least local overheating on the motor,at worst insulation damage,squirrel cage rotor bar is broken or deficiency,motor runs 1 to 2 hour,temperature of iron core rise up quickly,ventilation system malfuctions,we should check fan is broken or not,rotation direction is correct or not,ventilation duct is jammed or not.bearing is worn,rotator eccentric sweeping bore make iron bore of stator and rotator rub with each other to make metal percussion,temperature of iron core rise up quickly,at worst motor smokes,even coil is burnt,fourth,working environment,motor winding is dampened or dust and grease dirt is attahced on the winding,which cause insulation weaken,measurement,clean,dryout should be make for insulation resisitance of motor,Ambient temperature is too high.when the ambient temperature is over 35 C,inlet air temperature is high,which make motor temperature too high,Environment should be improved such as scaffolding shade.

    Note:repair should be done from electrician who get professional qualification certification in case of malfunction due to electricity,repair cannot be done blindly
     from poor experience person to prevent from accident and personal injury.

    water pump warming

    reason:bearing damage,too small in the rolling bearing or yokecap,shaft of submersible pump bent or different cardiac unit,tape is too tight,lacking oil or oil quality is poor,balance hole of impeller is jammed,lose balance,increase thrust on one side.Elimination method:change bearing,dismantle rear cover,increase shim between bracket and bearing support,adjust concentricity on the submersible pump shaft  or two shafts, loosen the tape properly,clean grease should be filled,grease should lie 60% of the gap in the bearing,remove stuff from the balance hole.

    insufficient flow

    dynamic speed is incompatible or belt slip.which make rotational speed low,axial flow pump setting angle is too small,insufficient head,pipeline is too long or elbow bend in the pipeline,absorption process is relatively high.Part of foot valve,pipeline,impeller are jammed or impeller is damaged,leakage of outlet pipeline is serious.

    Elimination method:recover the rated speed,remove belt oil dirt,adjust tension of belt,adjust blade angle,lower erection position of submersible pump,shorten pipeline or change its bent,seal leakage of submersible pump,press the stuff,eliminate the jammed stuff,change the impeller,replace the minus leakage ring,prevent the leak.

    can not absorb water

    The reason is there is air in the submersible pump or inlet pipeline,or the foot valve is not closed tightly,vacuum pump is serious leak,gate valve is not closed tightly.

    Elimination method:increase water pressure and fill in the water in the submersible pump,and start up,check tightness of cutoff valve,and leak in the pipeline and fitting,dismantle and fill in the lubrication oil and mixed paint in case there is leakage asnd tight the bolt.check the oil seal ring of submersible pump shaft,change the new one in case of serious abrasion.bolt and nut is not tight in case of water leak or air leak.fill in the cement or grout in mixture with bitumen in the waterleak or airleak in case the leak is not serious,temporary repair can be done through filling in the wet mud or green soap.Tight the nut with spanner in case there is waterleak in the fitting,Re-erection must be done for the serious waterleak,change the flawpipe,reduce head,reduce the opening of submersible pump into 0.5m below the water level.

    severe shock

    reason as follows:rotor is not balanced,coupling is not combined in good condition,bearing is worn and bent,parts of rotation is loosen and broken,pipeline bracket is not steady,respective adjust,repair,reinforce,align,change can be done. 

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