Sewage pump manufacturer worldwide

    Sewage pump manufacturer worldwide,there are thousand manufacturer in severe competition,traditional brand,international brand,new-emerging brand are competing in current market.

    Grandfos is one of pump manufacturers in the world,which production capacity is 10 million set yearly,UP,SP and CR are three main pumps,today,Grandfos is the world's biggest UP manufacturer,which covers 50% share of the world market.

    ITT is high-tech engineering and manufacturing company,operating in 3 main market:water and flow management,world defense and safety,sport and flow control.The company hold the tradition of innovation and create the environment which is much suitable for living,provide protection and safe,extroadinary solution to connect world.

    SAER water pump,covers civil water supply and sewage,industry,agrculture,civil use,deep-well submersible pump/motor.FAGGIOLATI sewage pump and mixer,special design



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